Gralab Model 300 Darkroom Timer


Excellent, working condition. 
Gralab Model 300 Darkroom timer, the BEST version of this model. Has a metal housing instead of plastic like the older ones, has plastic toggle switches for power and time/focus.
Two outlets on left side for enlarger and safelight (both grounded). Stainless steel Gralab plate around outlets, which is really nice looking feature. 
5 ft grounded electrical cord.
rotary volume knob for buzzer.
two key slots on back for easy mounting to wall. 
large numbers and arms that glow very bright in the dark and are easy to read. 
can be set anywhere from 1 sec-60 minutes in 1 second intervals 
125VAC 60hz operation, 750W 
Dimco-Gray Co. Dayton, Ohio USA