The Canon P (P for Populaire) was a rangefinder camera produced by Canon Inc., compatible with the Leica M39 screw mount (LTM). It was introduced in March 1959 and was marketed as a low-cost sister to the Canon VI-L

This was found in an estate and the daughter of the former owner thought that he probably bought it new in the 1960's. Camera has been inspected inside and out and there are a couple of flaws to be noted: first of all and most importantly, the lens is fogged. It looks as though some moisture may be trapped inside. I tested this camera on a humid day and some of the images came out sharp and clear with no fog. I am attaching an image from the roll where it is not totally sharp and there IS a fog (If etsy gave me enough space for the clear photos too, I would add them. If you'd like to see one send me a message!). The effect from the fogged lens is actually quite nice...If this bothers you though, consider another camera bundle or anticipate getting another lens. The other possible flaw I may note has to do with the meter. The needle does move, but it seems like some of the light reading cells are bad or something because although the needle moves slightly, it seems to stay in the bottom quarter of the window. That being said, I obeyed the meter when exposing my images and I did not have a single one come out too bright or dark. I thought that still deserved mentioning, though.
Also, If you line up the prongs with the shutter speed dial on the camera body, and you're careful to turn the one on the meter slowly/firmly, it will stay in line with the body dial. If you are not careful though, it may come out of line with the identical dial beneath it and you'd have to re-align them or risk a bad exposure.

Lens is a fast one- Canon 50mm f1.2 (this is equivalent mount to Leica m39) Comes with a canon silver rim 55mm filter on it.
Metal canon lens cover included.

The body of the camera is in beautiful condition. Cosmetically it is almost perfect, and the interior is nice and clean too. All shutter speeds fire smoothly with no issues.

Original leather canon snap case is included.

Serial No. 715142

Please reach out if you have any questions at all!

Canon P Rangefinder + Canon 50mm 1.2 lens bundle

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