1970's Nikkormat EL with Nikkor 24mm 2.8 Lens


Both Camera and Lens in excellent condition working condition.
Nikon's first Electronic Camera- the EL has a metal body with solid state electronics in combination with all the springs and gears. This is a heavy, large camera compared to other 70's SLRs.
Lens is a good one! 24mm 2.8 Nikkor glass with no scratches

Manual focus
Manual exposure OR aperture priority auto-exposure. 
Requires a 6v battery which is housed under the mirror, accessed by removing the lens.
Shutter speeds 4s- 1/1000
Match-needle metering system- on Auto, the black needle automatically indicates shutter speed, the green needle being your aperture that you line up with the black one.
Accepts all rabbit-ear Nikkor lenses.
ASA (ISO) 25-1600
There is a button to release the film winder to be pulled up to open rear door, so your film is "locked" in.
Really pretty white battery check button with yellow indicator light.
Type J or A fixed focusing screen.
Camera has been cleaned and tested, could use new light seal foams if you felt like it, but no light leak on test roll and seems pretty hard for any light to get in as is.