how we buy 

"Where do you get your inventory" is a question we hear a LOT. 
The answer- all over! We go to sales and thrift or antique stores when we can, but for the most part, we get our stock from walk-ins at the shop and from people who call us with big collections. We travel anywhere in the Midwest for large groups of vintage clothing. 
How it works
First, give us a call, or shoot us a text or email. We will arrange a time to come to you or meet you at the shop during business hours (Tues-Sat 11-6) or outside of those hours if that works better for you. Allison will go through your clothing and will either make a pile of what she'd like to buy, or will sometimes make an offer on the entire lot. 
What we're looking for
What we look for varies based on the season (We won't pay much for coats in the summertime) but the "bread and butter" items stay the same year-round. We buy all eras, from 1890s-1990's. That being said, we don't buy anything and everything. We like soft, broken in T-shirts, distressed denim, sweatshirts, dresses, flannel shirts, overalls, coveralls, sweaters and more. We don't buy formal wear, anything 100% polyester or fur coats very often. Our main focuses when buying are natural fiber (cotton, wool, rayon, silk, etc.) and everyday wearability. We wash and repair clothing, so ANY condition is fine.
What we pay
When it comes to getting you paid for your items, we typically come up with a price based on our re-sale value. We pay about one third of what we will be re-selling it for. If the item(s) are rare or extra valuable, we may pay more, and if the items need a lot of repair or dry cleaning we may pay less. We pay in cash or sometimes check for large amounts. 
Ready to give your old clothing new life and make some cash in the process? Get in touch! 
Allison Lyons